ERNi-1 welding wire isused for welding of industrial pure nickel forgings and castings.
Weling series: 
ERNiCrMo-3,ERNiCrMo-4,ERNiCrMo-13,ERNiCrFe-3,ERNiCrFe-7,ERNiCr-3,ERNiCr-7,ERNiCu-7,ERNi-1, ER70S-6.
Size: 0.8MM / 1.0MM / 1.2MM / 1.6MM / 2.4MM / 3.2MM / 3.8MM / 4.0MM / 5.0MM
Form: MIG(15kg/spool), TIG(5kg/box),Strip
Usage: used for welding the Ni200 and Ni201, and other stainless steel with Mo by the way of gas metal arc welding,  tungstun-inert-gas arc welding.

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