Invar Alloy(4J36)

Invar, also known as Nickel Alloy 36, is a nickel-iron alloy noted for its uniquely low coefficient of thermal

expansion. The name Invar comes from the word invariable, due to its relative lack of expansion or

contraction with temperature changes. Invar was invented in 1896 by Swiss scientist Charles Édouard

Guillaume, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1920 for the discovery, which enabled

improvements in scientific instruments.

Invar is an austenitic alloy. It is strong, tough, ductile and possesses a useful degree of corrosion


It is magnetic at temperatures below its Curie point and non-magnetic at temperatures above. Invar is

therefore always magnetic in the temperature range in which it exhibits the low expansion characteristics.

Invar is the standard alloy for low expansivity up to 400 oF. For applications at higher temperatures,

the higher nickel alloys are recommended.

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